Carnegie Hill Place II

1500 Lexington, New York, NY
Construction Manager
Navigator Realty
Schuman, Lichtenstein, Claman & Efron

The properties collectively known as Carnegie Hill Place, located at 1500 – 1510 Lexington Avenue at East 97th and 98th Streets, encompass a series of 3 residential rental projects for which Gotham provided construction services for nearly 10 years to our client Navigator Realty. The second in the series, 1500 Lexington Avenue, is a 190,000 sf, 22-story, 211-unit building that is in contrast to the more traditional bricks-and-mortar architecture of the first project, featuring a more dominant glass facade. The building spans 3 street elevations, each at different heights: 22 floors along 96th Street, 17 floors along Lexington, and 8 floors on 97th Street The project also features 17,500 sf of retail at the base.