173 & 176 Perry Street

New York, NY
Construction Manager
Ira Drukier
Perry West Development, LLC
Richard Borne
Richard Meier Architects

These two modernist towers designed by famed architect Richard Meier represent a watershed moment in urban architecture and construction, ushering in a new era of transparent glass curtain wall over traditional brick-and-mortar design. The towers are each 16 floors with a combined total of just 28 apartments. The South building is twice the size of the North, with a combined 90,000 sf. The floors were built at 2200 and 4400 sf, and designed as simplexes, or to be combined as duplexes or triplexes. Set at angles from a square base, the façade consists of architectural exposed concrete, custom white aluminum bands, and clear glass curtain wall.  Windows are laminated with 3 layers of insulated glass, and each unit has its own large cantilevered balcony with frosted glass railings.  The revolutionary design was accommodated first and foremost, and the challenge was adhering to exacting tolerances. Structural complexities were often the focus of the project team's efforts.The design specified architectural concrete on the core walls, much of which was exposed inside the apartments.The intricate curtain wall system included installation of pre-assembled cantilevered, steel-reinforced window units that project out 6’ at varying locations. Raw space was sold to each buyer, who then conducted custom fit-outs. The units sold out before the project even broke ground.