3100 14th St NW, Washington, DC
Exec. Construction Manager
Devel. Corp. of Columbia Heights
Grid Properties, Inc.
Bower Lewis Thrower Architects
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Gotham Construction served as the executive construction manager of DC USA, a 5-acre, 890,000 sf pedestrian-oriented retail complex located in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington DC.  Like Harlem USA, for which Gotham also served as general contractor, this transformative project has significantly reshaped the district and set the model for future construction and development in the vicinity. The project features a distinguished architectural design that is urban in scale, density and transparency. The 510,000 sf, 3-story above-grade retail component is comprised of three separate elevations that provide for over 1,200 feet of commercial frontage. This is a concrete block structure contextually designed to complement the area, with heavily-windowed façades and individual storefront entries that emphasize the exterior surroundings as part of the urban design and encourage pedestrian activity. A 65 foot cylindrical atrium serves as an entry point for the larger big-box retailers. A mid-block truck drive and adjacent loading docks are concealed from view to keep delivery vehicles back-of-house and off the public streets.  Two ramps lead to a 380,000 sf, 2-level below-grade 1,000 space parking garage.  DC USA has become a one-stop retail destination for the DC metropolitan area offering a wide range of retailers that includes a 180,000 sf Target Department Store, Best Buy, Washington Sports Club, Marshalls, Staples, and Bed Bath and Beyond.